Monday, September 27, 2010

Blue, Potluck, and the Moon

Blue...Cub Scout Blue...
Well, I was suppose to go on a camp-out with my son and the rest of his Cub Scout troop, but due to the weather forecast and the campsite already flooded, it was postponed.

So, instead we had a potluck at the school.  Everyone brought their favorite foods, which is always fun in a multicultural setting. (I have to take pictures next time!) After clean up, the boys played a few relay games. Pics of The Boy doing some funny things below.  And by the way, yes, the sun was shining and beautiful..but remember the campsite was flooded...that is the main reason we did not go...flooded....

Football Waddle
Jump Rope
 And the Moon....
PK Chen
After the energy was zapped..if that is possible for boys.  They observed some slides from a famous Astra photographer, PK Chen.  He willingly came and brought his pictures to share with us. He also gave each boy a photo of the full moon and the southern star.  THE cool thing is that our next camp-out, which is set for next month, Mr. Chen is going with us to show the boys how to set up telescopes and how to use them.  Is that just not the coolest?  Oh, if you want to check out some of his work click here. He has some amazing photos!
Marcus getting an autograph and pic.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Very cool...It sounds like the boys had a fun camp-in and going to have a great campout when the weather gets better. :)

MaDonna Maurer said...

It did turn out better than we planned, for having to stay in. But, yes, we are looking forward to the campout with PK along. And the weather will be cooler, hopefully by then. We are still wearing shorts and flip flops!

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