Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bath - Part 8: Roman Baths

Yes, we did finally go to the place where Bath got it's name...although we didn't step into the waters, a bit toxic now. Nor, did I get the chance to experience the Spa treatment at the modern day facility...kids....maybe next time we'll go without them. Anyway, this little trip was just Marcus and I. He was so pumped to go and see it all. (I know, history nerd like his dad).  The best part about this place was the kid friendly audio tours that came free with the ticket. (Ok, probably not "free", just included in the price of the ticket..but worth it).  
Marcus in front of the characters on his audio tour. I only had
one character..and he was just boring, so I switched to the kids'
version. So much better and the facts were more interesting.
Looking into the large outdoor bath. It was outlined with
statues of famous Romans. 

Marcus standing next to one of them.
Roman piping...looks better than what I've got
these days...no rust problems. But I guess, they
corrode and well rust is way easier to deal with then
flood waters, eh? and lighter.. 

Part of a statue...I thought she had on a funny
hair piece, but from the pic below I was wrong.

It was her hair! Glad I'm not taken by it, 'cause I
don't have time to do that everyday, nor the household
help to do it for me! HA!
More baths...there were actually many different rooms
underground. Walking around on top, you'd never know.

At "Spot This" from our Bath Book. It is King Bladud,
the prince with leprosy.

Natural springs still flowing in....
A cold bath. It is now has coins tossed into it.

They had actors dressed up walking around! 
I talked with this guy and he carves these figures out
of stone. He is an actor and a music teacher.


Cam and Elisa said...

Looks like a fun place to visit! And what a fun Mother son date! Special memories!

MaDonna Maurer said...

It was great...nice to be able to go from room to room and not have little people wanting to leave so quick. Marcus really likes to listen to those audio tours...if he doesn't get to finish he feels cheated out. =)

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