Monday, September 13, 2010

Bath-Part 6: John Wood (Elder and Younger)

OK, another couple of famous Bathonians....They were a father/son architect team that helped to build up the small village of Bath into a city for the elite to come and rest. The father is known for Prior Park (where Ralph Allen's estate was built) and the Circus.  A Circus, in British English, is not a 3-ringed act of death defying acts. It is the roundabouts.  This roundabout was designed with rows of houses outlining it.  It really is something to look at, but hard to get a good picture that shows it well.  If you want a better understanding go here.
I took the kids on this little adventure to find the Circus. One thing I didn't realize is that Bath is not flat.  So, I had to push Matthea up the hill to the top where the Circus was located, which wouldn't have been too bad if I hadn't packed a huge lunch to eat at the park afterwards.  Anyway, the kids were anxious to get to the park, of course. So, out came the Bath Book...and their adventure to find the monkey and chicken cravings began.  So, while I took pictures and enjoyed the architecture, they searched above every door for the little carving. Meg found the monkey and Marcus found the chicken.  Then it was off to the park for us. Below are pics from that outing.

"We found the monkey!" Notice who is more excited...
The "monkey" up close. 
My picture of the Circus.
On another day with the Hub, we stopped by and let the kids run around on the grass in front of the Crescent. This building is a row of apartments much the same as many of the other buildings in Bath, but like the Circus is is rounded.
Playing on the grass in front of the Crescent

Notice the bottle...another sore eye that bothered about the city.
Many pretty placed dotted with trash.

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