Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bath- Part 9: Jane Austen

OK, I'm trying to whip through our summer a few months late, and I have a few more posts to go so hang with me. Now you just can't go to Bath, UK and not visit the Jane Austen Centre....well, I went and let me say this. Jane Austen fan or not this could be skipped. It just wasn't worth my time or my money. Maybe it was because it was my afternoon alone to walk the streets, read, write, or whatever else I fancied. Or maybe it was because I had already been to some really neat museums that were cheap and well done. I just didn't find this place worth it.  I'm not sure what I was expecting....maybe things about Jane herself? But, there wasn't that much. It was mainly about her books and that time period.  So, if you REALLY like that time period and are all caught up in all her books, then maybe you'd like this place. But, I doubt it. 

The doorman...he was "cute" and made a fun picture.

Nice display of her at the end of the tour.
Sally Lunn's famous buns. I went here for the afternoon tea
after visiting the Jane Austen Centre.

No joke, this is the very room I had my tea. It was just too funny
for me, especially since 1)I'd just been over there 2) had brought
Northhanger Abbey to read and 3)not a die hard fan, but do
appreciate her writing for the fact that people will always relate to
the many characters of each book. That is brilliant.
And for my dining experience I received a free
admission ticket to Sally Lunn's original kitchen
and museum.  It was just a room, but nice the same.

I had a scone at Sally Lunn's, not her famous bun.
But, I did buy one to share with the family. It is just
a big round loaf of white bread. Glad I had chosen
the scone with clotted cream. YUM!

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