Monday, September 27, 2010

Spiritual Life Week

This week homeschool was a little hit and miss. We attended chapel everyday at my son's school.  They had Spiritual Life Week and the guest speaker was a family that runs a children's home in Nepal.  James' is Nepali. He grew up in a Christian Children's Home there until he was 17. At that time he was adopted by a family from the US. He moved to the US and attended college.  After he married, he and his wife Holly and their oldest child moved to Kathmandu, Nepal.  Today this "home" is not just a place for Nepali children who come from very poor homes to have a place to live, but it is also a school.  They teach the children, as well as take care of them.  It is an amazing project that this family has taken on.
So after seeing pictures and getting to know the family better, I was pleased to hear that this year the Christmas Project is going towards their home.  AND that my son's class is doing a reading program that will earn money towards buying books for their school. Although Matthea didn't understand all that was being said, she really enjoyed the singing...and Mr. James' balloon dog that he made for her.  I really enjoyed learning more about Nepal and the work that God is doing through this family.  They truly are an amazing family...very inspiring.

My water rat...
Cablish family joined us! YEAH!
We did make it to the waterpark one day. We had fun splashing around with our friends...old and new!  Yes, this was just a few days ago...remember I live on an island, so the pool doesn't close until Oct.  Love that part of island livin'.

Then Friday came and I spent time working on the cake that almost wasn't...go here if you didn't get to read about that.  And, Matthea got sick, so school was canceled for those two reasons.
The boy turned 9...where did time go?

And since this is Monday and I totally missed my Friday posting, this will be a two post stay on the lookout for post 2 of the day.