Friday, September 17, 2010

Homeschooling Fun: Creation and Body

The BIG First Grader! 
A few weeks ago I and a few other moms started a homeschool coop for our children with special needs. Each Friday I hope to post some pics and thoughts of the week. The last few weeks we have looked at creation and have worked on their own Creation Book.
I did not get pics of every fact, I think I only got one. I kept forgetting to take the camera. So, I'll just explain.
Day 1: Separated light from cut strips of yellow and black paper into cubes, then separated them by gluing light on top and dark on the bottom.
Day 2: God created the water and the glued cotton balls onto blue paper.
Day 3: God created sun, moon, took aluminum foil and made tiny balls...glued that onto black paper. I had cut out a moon from the foil and they glued that on, too.
Day 4: God created the flowers and trees...took kids outside and looked at nature. Picked up leaves that had fallen on the ground and had them do a leaf rubbing.
Day 5: God created the fish and the birds...finger painted blue water, then added fingerprint fish and other fun water animals.
Day 6: God created animals and man...used dltk craft and teaching site and had them glue together a dog.  For pattern we used go here.
Day 7: God took a rest...we just colored and cut out a page from dltk. Though I seriously thought about having us take a nap in the big room on the floor. HA!
Working on Day 3 putting on the *stars*.

Finished product...she's so excited she couldn't stop jumping!

Our theme of the week has been our body. I had the kids outline their body and color it.  We also read *The Gingerbread Boy* and used playdoh to practice rolling out and cutting out gingerbread men. Kids really liked this activity. *grin*.  This past week I've been working on the 5 senses. We read a story about popcorn, then made some together with an air popper.  Matthea LOVED that!  I'll try to be better at taking pictures next week of the different craft projects that we do.

Rolling out the dough for her gingerbread man.

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Cam and Elisa said...

Way to Go! Sounds like things are really going well. Its fun to see how much she is doing and that you have a coop now is so neat! I will keep praying God continues to help you guide Matthea and others as you teach! You are full of good ideas! May He bless you with many more!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks Elisa...feeling like I'm swamped and unqualified...wait I am both of those things. HA! But, I'm right at the place I'm suppose to be and God has really given me the strength and ideas.

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