Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bath: Part 12: Favorite Foods...

I couldn't end this mini-series without mentioning food.... so to end my mini-series on our trip to are the foods that I so enjoyed and miss. My mouth waters as I look at the pictures right now.
Yes, I love cottage cheese and tomatoes. Cottage Cheese is
not an easy find here in the land of the tropics.

Natural yogurt with fresh RASPberries! YUM! I make my yogurt
here, but the fresh berries are hard to find. Thankful for Costco
and their frozen berry selection, though.

Frozen PIZZA! Yes, I love those things!

Ok, not a total favorite, but could not go to England and
NOT have the Fish 'n Chip, now could I? btw, I could totally
feel my arteries contract with every swallow! 

And the last is for my favorite! I love QUARK and
raspberry jelly on bread! My in-laws introduced me
to this wonderful breakfast treat many years ago and I was a happy
little tourist to find it in the stores of England as well.
Funny thing is I still can't tell you exactly what it is, except
it is a kind of cheese...between cottage cheese and cream cheese.

Well, that is all folks. No more pics of England. No more stories of England. No England...for me right now anyway.
I'm going to change up my posting a bit.  I would like to continue with my WIP Wednesdays, which I've not done in some time. *Shame* (Quote from my good South African friend)
But, I would like to add a Friday's post about what I'm doing with home schooling my special needs daughter. I hope to start tomorrow with some pics of her and her classmates...we have a home school coop going on.
So, until tomorrow....ciao!

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